Heavy Duty Emission Testing

Heavy Duty Emission Testing

heavy duty emissions testing ottawaMalmberg Truck Trailer Equipment LTD is an Ontario Drive Clean Accredited Test Facility providing Heavy Duty Vehicle Emission Testing in Ottawa.

Drive Clean requires heavy duty vehicles such as large trucks and buses to pass regular emissions tests in order to renew registrations. At seven years of age, vehicles require an emission test for registration renewal.

In 2005, Drive Clean introduced an incentive that encourages good vehicle maintenance by giving heavy-duty diesel vehicles operators the opportunity to have their vehicle tested every two years, instead of annually. Your heavy-duty diesel vehicle may qualify for an incentive to skip a year of emissions testing if it meets certain emissions standards.

If the vehicle passes the emission test, the vehicle owner will be given a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) with ‘pass’ clearly printed on it. You can then renew or transfer ownership of the vehicle registration with ServiceOntario.

See Drive Clean for Heavy Duty Vehicles for more information.